The primary justification for the formation of the West River Student Services Unit is geographical in nature. The participating districts are all centered around Dickinson, which will be the location of the central office.

Another consideration is the size and scope of the unit. The unit has an approximately 2,500 student base. With this student base, all areas of special services can be met. All services may not be able to be provided at the home school level but may be provided within the unit for low incidence disabilities. This will allow eligible students from member schools to receive services in an appropriate yet least restrictive environment.

The school districts we serve include:

  • Beach School District #3
  • Belfield School District #13
  • Billings County Public Schools #1
  • Bowman County School District #1
  • Halliday School District #19
  • Lone Tree School District #6
  • Hettinger School District #13
  • Killdeer School District #16
  • Marmarth School District #12
  • New England School District #9
  • Richardton/Taylor School District #34
  • Scranton School District #33
  • South Heart School District #9
  • Twin Buttes School District #37